Winter 2011

Vino 911 comes to rescue with wine spills

Imagine being out on the town for a wonderful evening with great friends, delightful food and vintage wines. The wine steward opens an exquisite red wine, and the sediment from the aged cork finds its way onto your white blouse.

You reach into your handbag, and there's Vino 911 to the rescue.

Shake it, spray it on the stain, and blot the area with a tissue. The blemish is well on its way to vanishing. Vino 911 comes in a convenient 2-ounce spray bottle. It can be used on most fabrics, linens and carpets. It is eco-friendly, containing natural ingredients with no solvents or fragrance to take away from your wine experience. It makes an excellent travel companion.

Vino 911 ($5) is available at

This story was originally published December 15, 2011 11:43 AM.

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