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  • SUMMER 2013

    Do life, drink wine and enjoy the ride

    Rarely is there a life event that doesn’t double as an occasion for wine. Good or bad, happy or sad, these occasions get marked in some way. Whether the glass is half full or half empty, there’s something in there and it should be drunk. Life is a celebration and since tonight is special...

  • SPRING 2013

    Job drinking for sanity’s sake

    Drinking on the job… who doesn’t (in this audience)? But for those of us unlucky enough to work in corporate America where grapes aren’t grown and barrels aren’t wracked, sampling the goods is, well… frowned upon. Still, there are a hundred thousand reasons why it ...

  • WINTER 2012

    6 resolutions to keep you drinking

    Trying is the first step toward failure, said a very wise cartoon character named Homer. And setting New Year's resolutions are a surefire way to get there even quicker. The problem with setting goals is that we usually set the bar too high. As the overachievers we are, it's just our nature. My ...

  • FALL 2012

    Take my advice

    I have a fantasy. No not, that kind. I actually have one that's fit to print. I always wanted to be an advice columnist. The idea materialized over a glass of DeLille Cellars 2011 Doyenne Reserve Rose, which is all inspiration for great ideas. Someone joked I was a good listener, and we know I love...

  • SUMMER 2012

    Kama Sutra and happy endings

    Living in downtown Seattle (think de-lux apartment in the sky) affords a lot of variety in restaurants, take-out and people-watching.


    Exotic, erotic or simply weird

    Exotic comes in every shape and size -- from cars to animals, fruits to fabric. As well, many grape varieties are just unusual enough to be considered exotic -- so much out there to mix and play with.


    12 steps, 9 hats and a crazy aunt

    Season's greetings! I hope this finds you well and you're surviving the holidays. It may feel like awhile since you've heard from me, but I can assure you, it's not because of Writer's Block.


    Listen up, and peel me a grape

    I hear this all the time: Some wines, like some people, feel that no one wants to really know them. Without thought, people just drink them. Lavish in their loveliness, then forget their name and move on.


    Listen to your wine

    Whine is never a good sound, but wine is the contrary. Simon and Garf gave us the sound of silence, and at Barking Frog a few nights ago -- it seemed oddly fitting to investigate the sound of frogs barking. Apparently, frogs bark when they are ecstatically happy. Chef claimed he'd like all his customers...

  • SPRING 2011

    Keep the tassels twirling

    Now that the Oscar's red carpet is respectfully rolled up and you've probably had your fill of bad girl ballet, I was peering into a juicy red bubble of love and started thinking about all the wonderful things that simply fit together - like Pinot and Noir, Adam and Eve, ballet and burlesque. Yes...

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