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    Merlot: The Northwest’s quiet crowd pleaser

    Back in the spring of 1998 when Wine Press Northwest magazine published its inaugural issue, we chose Merlot for our first-ever judging of Northwest wines. At the time, Washington Merlot was riding a wave of justified popularity and was battling with Oregon Pinot Noir for red wine supremacy in the...


    New wine varieties invade the NW wine world

    Innovation is the byword in Northwest world of wine as we enter 2016, which means it’s been more than 40 years since the start of our region’s modern wine era.


    Seek out Port-styled wines

    There’s no bad season to seek out tasty Port-styled wines


    Lighter, whiter, brighter wines for summer

    Summer wines are a little like swimsuits: Sometimes a little less offers a little more. So when I reach into my wine cellar or visit my favorite wine retailers or wineries to stock up on summer wines, I’m often looking for something a little daring and sparkly.


    “So, what’s your favorite wine?”

    That’s among the most frequently asked questions I hear from people after they learn that I write about wine, guide wine tours and serve as a judge in wine competitions around the Pacific Northwest.


    Quality red blends abound

    In the last few years, the Northwest’s winemakers have embarked on a voyage of discovery that would have been unimaginable a couple decades ago. Instead of making only straight varietally-centered red wines such as 100 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinot Noir, they have begun exploring...


    Insights of a wine tour guide

    Since April, I’ve had an interesting window into a rather select group of wine consumers from across the United States. They are all passengers taking a week-long cruise on the Columbia River aboard the American Empress, a 360-foot sternwheeler based in Vancouver, Wash., and in its inaugural...


    Better wine through chemistry

    While leading a tour group through the Walla Walla area recently, I was asked a simple question: Do winemakers add some of those fruit flavors you’ve been talking about to their wines?


    Wineries find prosperity in numbers

    When my wife and I started tasting wine seriously about 20 years ago, we usually had to travel for miles across Eastern Washington to visit five or six wineries. Now in Woodinville, there are dozens. What’s happened?

  • WINTER 2013

    Blends becoming popular

    “Whenever I visit a winery or walk through a wine shop or grocery store, I’m seeing more and more red blends. What’s behind this trend?”

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