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    Washington Merlot underrated and thus under-priced

    Unlike many wine writers who are basically Merlot curmudgeons, I truly love Merlot – especially when it is made with excellent fruit and by a skilled winemaker.


    Opening the Market

    One of the key reasons Starbucks is so successful has nothing to do with coffee, or coffee quality. Nor has it anything to do with the coffee culture it created in its hundreds of stores worldwide.


    Vintage variation open for debate

    Those who believe the old saw about every year being a “vintage year” along the Pacific Coast either know nothing about wine or wine makers, or they are wine marketing people whose first name is Pollyanna.


    The art behind bubbles in the bottle

    A man who makes wine for a large wine company once was offered a glass of sparkling wine, from a very fine California producer. His disdain couldn’t have been more obvious and though he was seemingly satisfied to consume his flute, he groused.


    Diversity in wine

    Had an interesting Cabernet Sauvignon lately? Not a great one; an interesting one.


    Platinum results worthy of review

    I believe in the results of well-run wine competitions, and you would be correct if you thought that statement was self-serving.


    Finding the Greatness

    Burgundy lovers say red Burgundy is the unchallenged king of red wine. Many Americans would add California and Oregon, along with areas of New Zealand and Tasmania, to that list.


    Pinot Gris earning some respect

    A joke making the rounds of wine makers a decade ago wasn’t so funny: There was a blind tasting between Pinot Gris and Perrier water. And Perrier won.


    Grenache: the Rhône’s other great red

    The conventional way of thinking about the Rhône Valley and its red wines is that Syrah is king. That surely is evident from the fact that the best wines from the northern Rhône are wines like Hermitage and Côte-Rôtie – powerful statements of how good Syrah can be.

  • WINTER 2013

    The Great White North

    For decades, red wine was considered the best wine in the world. Phrases like “All wine would be red if it could,” and “White wine is what you drink until someone opens a red” were spoken more in truth than jest. Even today, those who rate wines consider that the greatest...

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