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    Merlot tasting offered varietal variances

    Thank you for reading the first sentence of unquestionably the least engaging part of this literary accumulation; the column I write. Some would argue the editor deserves combat pay for initially enduring my original work as he tests his skills on trying to make sense out of what I write. It’...


    Cabernet Franc is the Zeus (or Hera) of the grape world

    Now that you have exhaustively ingested the well–put, concise and worthwhile content heretofore expressed (oh, how lawyerly), you have reached the Winepress Northwest cure for insomnia.


    Nothing foolish about SB

    Again you arrive at the last substantive page of Wine Press that will ultimately result in floccinaucinihilipilification. This word will come to describe your critique of what you are about to read. I’ll save you and the editor(s) the keystrokes on Google; it means you will likely find this...


    Spice up your life with Gewürztraminer

    Welcome to the back of the bus. Congrats on having read everything worthwhile before this edition of Wine Press goes to the recycling pile; Or maybe it’s grave will be a physician’s waiting room where it will sit for a few years before composting, in situ. Wherever it goes, I do hope...


    Give Merlot some respect

    This edition of Coke circumlocution, a somewhat harmless act of narcissism, addresses a grape variety deeply integrated into the northwest of the USA and the southwest of Canada; the much maligned, often criticized, however staple-for-us-up-this-way, Merlot. Merlot has gone from being an obscure...


    Platinum judging: A complex beauty pageant

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, this Wine Press issue reveals the Platinum results; where the judges are expected to find the best of the best from wines that were awarded a competition Gold medal.


    It’s all about Pinot….

    She has been called a mysterious temptress, a taunting mistress that engages and compels, and she is even known by her fan club as fickle. She is delicious whether in red or pink, and when she bubbles; offering up intrigue with every new look. She is rarely muscular, instead having smooth lines ...


    Size matters...

    The ubiquitous term “size matters” presents itself to us in areas where it doesn’t matter, and some where it does. You are mistaken if you think I’m going to explore the urban legend of the origin of that phrase, as tempting as that is. This is a family show…kinda...


    Take my advice; don’t take my advice

    Don’tcha just love it when you get subjectively inapplicable advice? Representations that your backside looks slim in those pants, that the poppy seed between your teeth looks like an onyx in the ivory, or that the Kimchee has beguiling complexity. So is it with us in the wine commentator...

  • WINTER 2013

    Drink it on purpose

    There are several somewhat believable stories about the first time someone made sparkling wine (on purpose), all amounting to rural one knows.... so any story that is told has the same zero chance of being 100% accurate. Right or wrong, I have been telling this version for over 35 years...

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