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  • FALL 2017

    Tasting Results: Italian reds show growing potential in Pacific Northwest

    Paul Beveridge has been an important figure in the Washington wine industry for nearly 30 years. He operates the longest-running winery in Seattle, established the state’s second biodynamic vineyard and occasionally applies his law degree from Columbia University to help modernize the regulations...


    Match Makers: Mystic Café casts spotlight on Lewis-Clark Valley wine industry

    LEWISTON, Idaho — Were it not for Prohibition, the blended river community of Lewiston, Idaho, and Clarkston, Wash., would be well beyond its folksy status as “an emerging wine region.”

  • FALL 2017

    Ghost Hill Cellars, a Bayliss family legacy

    Bayliss-Bower Vineyard sits on 234 undulating acres in of the Yamhill-Carlton American Viticultural Area, one of Oregon's most celebrated AVAs. On a hill that wasn’t good for much else, 16 acres of vines bear fruit for Ghost Hill Cellars’ all-estate Pinot Noir program. It is a testament...

  • FALL 2017

    Walla Walla wineries open Seattle tasting rooms

    At first glance, the cities of Seattle and Walla Walla would appear to have little in common: an urban, metropolitan hub of 3.7 million versus a small town of 32,000; home to techies, high-rises and heavy traffic versus an isolated, rural community surrounded by onions, grapes and all things agricultural...


    The next Hood River?

    A decade or so ago, I was chatting with some winemakers about where "the next Woodinville" would be.


    Grapes of Italy get little respect

    The Romans may be due the credit for spreading the gospel of the grape throughout the known world — or at least throughout their empire and beyond — but the more than 2,000 individual varieties of grapes grown in Italy get little notice in the Pacific Northwest.


    Which came first, the tomato or the Barbera?

    The familiar cliché about chickens and eggs could well be replaced: Which came first, the tomato or the Barbera?


    My take on the dilemma of wine and food pairing

    Ahhhh, the grandeur of being a wine columnist, to write my completely biased opinion based, not on fact, but based on my opinion of the facts. This fashionable way of journalism, of course, presumes that the opinionated facts upon which I base my opinion are somewhat true — a real stretch in...

  • SUMMER 2017

    72 hours in the Tri-Cities

    The Tri-Cities. You won’t find it listed that way on many maps, but the community of a quarter-million people at the confluence of three important rivers is the heart of the Washington wine industry. From here, it’s an easy hop to Walla Walla, the Yakima Valley, the Horse Heaven Hills...

  • SUMMER 2017

    Tasting results: Northwest Rosé

    Industry data from The Nielsen Co. shows sales of rosé priced at more than $7.99 in the U.S. grew by 56 percent in 2016. And these aren’t cheap blush-style wines either. Rosé also carried the highest average price in the report — $13.28. Zinfandel was next at $10.65.

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