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    Southern Oregon association names manager

    Grants Pass resident Kerrie Walters has been named manager of the Southern Oregon Winery Association (SOWA). Walters, an independent contractor, brings more than 20 years of tourism advocacy, marketing and sales experience to her new position.

  • SUMMER 2015

    Northwest sparkling wines reviewed

    The small but vibrant Pacific Northwest sparkling wine scene is rapidly changing.


    The art behind bubbles in the bottle

    A man who makes wine for a large wine company once was offered a glass of sparkling wine, from a very fine California producer. His disdain couldn’t have been more obvious and though he was seemingly satisfied to consume his flute, he groused.


    Spice up your life with Gewürztraminer

    Welcome to the back of the bus. Congrats on having read everything worthwhile before this edition of Wine Press goes to the recycling pile; Or maybe it’s grave will be a physician’s waiting room where it will sit for a few years before composting, in situ. Wherever it goes, I do hope...


    Idaho’s time is now

    When I began writing my first book nearly 15 years ago, Idaho wine was no more than an afterthought. Today, it is an industry on the verge of something special.


    Lighter, whiter, brighter wines for summer

    Summer wines are a little like swimsuits: Sometimes a little less offers a little more. So when I reach into my wine cellar or visit my favorite wine retailers or wineries to stock up on summer wines, I’m often looking for something a little daring and sparkly.

  • SUMMER 2015

    72 hours in North Central Washington

    We tend to think of Wenatchee, Lake Chelan and the rest of North Central Washington as an emerging wine region. And we're not wrong about that. But it just goes to prove that what's old is new again.


    Match Maker: The Wright way at Semiahmoo Resort

    Semiahmoo Resort cherishes its legacy as home to Arnold Palmer’s first golf course design in Washington state, and now Seattle’s historic Wright family seems driven to transform its recent acquisition into one of the Puget Sound’s culinary destinations.

  • SUMMER 2015

    Chaberton Estate Winery: Western B.C.’s hidden gem

    Mention British Columbia wines to a wine enthusiast and you’re likely to engage in a conversation about the Okanagan Valley east of the Cascades. This region, after all, contains around half of the 250-plus wineries in the province. When coupled with the vineyards in the adjacent Similkameen...

  • SUMMER 2015

    Pedaling through Oregon wine country

    When the weather is warm and the grapevines are growing, what could be better than cycling through the beautiful rolling hills of Willamette Valley? Maybe embracing the luxury of a fully supported ride, gourmet meals, incredible wine tasting and doing it all for a good cause. Pedaling the gentle...

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