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  • WINTER 2013

    More than a winery

    We have reached a golden age, a time when wineries are going to greater lengths to reach out to us, to cater to our needs and to create personal experiences that can never be replicated.

  • WINTER 2013

    Match Makers: Alderbrook Resort & Spa on Hood Canal

    This experience began with a smooth, thumb-sized ebony stone, and it helps explain why Alderbrook Resort & Spa thrives today.

  • WINTER 2013

    10 Great Things to do in Northwest Wine Country

    It’s that time of year when we look back, then set our sights ahead.

  • WINTER 2013

    Nom de Vine: Result of a Crush

    That women buy wine more often than men is no longer news, and it’s not hard to find wine that specifically aims to catch the female eye, including Olympic Cellars’ Working Girl wines and Bitner Vineyards’ Menopause Merlot, featured in the last issue of Wine Press Northwest.

  • WINTER 2013

    Red Mountain reaches new heights

    Red Mountain. Seemingly, it’s on everyone’s lips these days, both from a glass and in the news. In case you haven’t heard, here are the big stories that have come out of Red Mountain, a ridge in Washington’s eastern Yakima Valley:

  • WINTER 2013

    The Great White North

    For decades, red wine was considered the best wine in the world. Phrases like “All wine would be red if it could,” and “White wine is what you drink until someone opens a red” were spoken more in truth than jest. Even today, those who rate wines consider that the greatest...

  • WINTER 2013

    Blends becoming popular

    “Whenever I visit a winery or walk through a wine shop or grocery store, I’m seeing more and more red blends. What’s behind this trend?”

  • WINTER 2013

    Winter 2013/2014 issue of Wine Press Northwest

    Read through our e-edition of the Wine Press Northwest Winter 2013/2014 issue.

  • WINTER 2013

    Drink it on purpose

    There are several somewhat believable stories about the first time someone made sparkling wine (on purpose), all amounting to rural legend...no one knows.... so any story that is told has the same zero chance of being 100% accurate. Right or wrong, I have been telling this version for over 35 years...

  • FALL 2013

    Passport to Pinot: Something to Walkabout

    Think of it as the Cliffs Notes version of the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC). Passport to Pinot, known only in 2012 as Walkabout, is the four hour abridgment of the two and a half day wine and food extravaganza held annually since 1987 in the groves of Linfield College in McMinnville...

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